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12 July 2008 @ 02:55 pm

This journal is now Friends Only.

If you want to read my ramblings or see my daily doodles, you'll have to befriend me.
Don't friend me if you're just a random lurker who's popped over from some group I'm on, friend me if you want to be my friend. Seriously, why waste your time? XD

If you're already my friend, disregard this message.

-The Management

If you do click that friend button, please comment here and say who you are (even where you found me). I hate sounding paranoid but I've been gaining new friends on LJ and I haven't a clue who some of you are!

So, if you have the time to add me as a friend, please have the courtesy to say something here.
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Current Music: Shostakovich's no. 116